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Private Events at La Cocina:

Available hours

Monday-Friday 7:00PM-11:00PM

Saturday 11:00AM-11:00PM

Sunday 11:00AM-9:00PM


Buffet Event Package (includes the entire restaurant)

$30.00 per person for 3-hour event

25 person minimum

+ tax and 18% gratuity


May-October 35 Seat Two Deck Outdoor Patio Available


Empanadas: Choose Three

Spinach *


Buffalo Chicken *



Cuban *

(*counts as two)

Sides: Choose Four

Arroz Blanco (White Rice)

Arroz Moro (Black Rice)

Arroz Con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas)

Arroz Con Vegetales (Vegetable Rice)

Frijoles Colorados (Pinto Beans)

Frijoles Negros (Black Beans)

Maduros (Sweet Plantains)

Steamed Yucca

Steamed Broccoli with Carrots


Potato Salad

Chickpea Salad

Garden Salad

Soup (+$2.00 per person)

Mini Cuban Sandwiches (+$3 pp)


Entrees: Choose Three

Pollo Al Horno

Baked chicken leg and thigh marinated

Bistec Con Pimientos

Strips of steak with peppers and onions

Carne Con Papas (Beef Stew)

Diced beef chunks with potatoes seasoned with garlic


Oven roasted pork shoulder seasoned with roasted garlic and lemon juice

Bistec Encebollado (+$3 pp)

Thinly sliced steak with onions and garlic sauce


Seasoned and breaded

Pollo A La Plancha

Grilled chicken breast marinated in garlic and onions


Ground beef in garlic tomato broth with roasted potatoes, onions and peppers

Pastelon (Cuban Lasagna) (+$3 pp)

Ground beef, swiss cheese, and sweet plantains

Ropa Vieja (+$5 pp)

Cuban shredded flank steak

Fricase De Pollo

Chicken stew

Salmon (+$5 pp)

Baked with lemon juice and cooked to perfection

Rabo Encendido (Oxtail) (+$5 pp)

Oxtail stew with a savory sauce

Costillas (Dry Baked Pork Ribs) (+$3 pp)


Desserts: Choose Two

Guava Pastries (pastelitos de guayaba)

Guava Cheesecake

Tres Leches


Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Cake





American Coffee

Cuban Coffee/Espresso (+1 pp)

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